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Level Up Your Writing with Prompt Library & Brand Voice

Dec 23, 2023

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We're thrilled to introduce two brand-new features to redefine your writing experience on ChatNBX.

Today, we’re launching our Prompt Library and Brand Voice feature, designed for an easy content creation process with your unique brand personality.

Prompt Library

We understand the challenges faced by content creators when generating fresh, engaging content consistently. We've integrated a prompt library right into our chat assistant, helping writers overcome creative blocks and inspiring them with new ideas.

Whether you're drafting a blog post, crafting social media content, or writing an email, these prompts will be your creative companion so that you can create content effortlessly.

Using our Prompt Library is simple. While crafting a message or creating content in ChatNBX, locate the Browse Prompts icon. Click it to instantly receive prompt suggestions. Additionally, use the Improve Prompts feature to enhance the selected prompts.

Brand Voice

Your brand has its distinct personality - a unique voice that resonates with your audience. With the Brand Voice feature, you can now effortlessly maintain consistency in your messaging across all communication channels. Whether your brand is witty, playful, or formal, our Brand Voice functionality ensures that every interaction aligns seamlessly with your identity so you can foster stronger connections with your audience.

Moreover, configuring your Brand Voice is intuitive and customizable, enabling you to fine-tune the tone and style that best represents your brand. You can add content that reflects your brand's unique voice by clicking on the Brand Voice icon.

Example Prompts to Kickstart Your Content Creation

1. Generate 10 attention-grabbing headlines for an article about [your topic] (use).

2. Generate a list of 20 keyword ideas on [topic]. Cluster this list of keywords according to funnel stages—whether they are top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, or bottom of the funnel keywords (use).

3. Write a summary in 50 words that summarizes [topic or keyword] (use).

4. Suggest a meta description for the content above, make it user-friendly, and with a call to action. Include the keyword [keyword] (use).

5. You are an expert teacher with the ability to explain complex topics in simpler terms. Explain the concept of [topic] in simple terms, so that my [grade level/subject] class can understand [this concept/specific example] (use).

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