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Making our landing page updates 95% quicker with Framer

Jun 9, 2023

2 min read

Today, we’re releasing our latest landing pages built on Framer, a drag-and-drop browser-based platform to ship websites. Moving to Framer has cut down our design-to-deployment time from 2 days to within an hour.

Our trajectory until now

Over the years, we’ve had our fair share of landing pages and their respective deployment workflows. Our very first landing page was a barebones one-pager made in React. It was bloated, with no SEO, lazy loading, multithreading, just vibes.

Soon after, we realized we needed to work on SEO, reduce page load times, and do much more than the barebones landing page that we had. So we put the best folks on it – the incredible duo of our designer, Aravind, and frontend developer, Vikrant. In this iteration, we designed the entire website on Figma, ported it to code using NextJS, and deployed it through our Kubernetes cluster. It took three separate members to deploy a landing page. It would take around one day to push the latest updates for something as small as a typo.

Enter, Framer

As a team, we keep ourselves updated with the latest and greatest in the tech world, from software to large language models, to the latest VR headsets (We see you, Vision Pro!). We stumbled upon Framer before their pivot to the drag-and-drop website builder but continued to follow their journey.

Curious, we tried their new platform and loved the experience! Porting designs from Figma to Framer was as easy as a single-click export. With this, we envisioned our internal process of deploying our landing pages to become more streamlined by introducing Framer into our tech stack. So we set out to port our existing landing pages to Framer.

We started by porting components from our design language system to Framer for a uniform design. Since then, we’ve been playing around and building on Framer and have been delighted as users! Our iteration speed has reduced exponentially, and we can do so much more without the baggage of multiple stakeholders.

What can be better

We’ve had issues porting our documentation and blogs to Framer, primarily due to specific CMS and markdown-related challenges. Over the next few weeks, we will use Framer’s redirection service to maintain our domain authority and keep blogs and docs up as we figure out how to port them. 

Framer also has a few issues where if the webpage is heavy, the website editor dies, and you need to refresh the page frequently. Thankfully, all changes are saved, so you always keep your work upon restoring.

Framer is the WD-40 we needed to make deploying landing pages smoother. As we gear towards launching our LLMOps platform, we will be using Framer extensively from here on out.

Written By

Naman Maheshwari

Co-Founder & COO

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