MLOps Discord Servers: Top 5 Must-Join Servers

May 26, 2022

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Is there a better way to stay on top of all the latest developments in Machine Learning and MLOps than by risking your social life altogether?

That's right --- it's talking on a Discord Server (Discord Servers are your best bet unless you're an introverted company, then Slack is the place to be). With like-minded individuals, these are prime places to discuss the finer points of

  • TensorFlow,

  • Train a model for Natural Language Processing, or

  • Learn about some nifty tricks used in industry-level machine learning pipelines.

The world of MLOps can be a confusing one, to say the least. With countless choices to choose from, it can be difficult to know where your time is best spent. To help you out, I've put together a list of the Top 5 MLOps communities and servers on Discord.

I've taken the time to observe and check some of the Discord servers and rank them. Let us see how these servers contrast with their Slack counterparts and are they the right place for you and me!

Here's a List Of The Best Servers On Discord For MLOps

Let us dive directly into the compiled list of Discord Servers for MLOps that will help nurture and give direction to your MLOps career! Even if you are not the bloke for MLOps you are surely on the way to finding some amazing Machine Learning Study Groups on Discord to aid your ML Journey!

1. MLOps(@Chipro)

2. Data Science

3. DVC

4. Tensorflow

5. Evidently AI

6. Everything MLOps

MLOps (@chipro)

Learn MLOps, best practices, and much more. But, what makes this server stand out from the rest? For me, the server acted as a gateway to Chip Huyen, an alumnus, and instructor at Stanford.

Following Chip's traits, 6k+ people talk about ML and Machine Learning Development.

Yet, the best part is, Real-Time ML, using real-time data to generate more accurate predictions and better models.

It is a refreshing take on MLOps away from Slack and in the unofficial setting of Discord. With people from around the world, you can find like-minded people to talk to and collaborate with.

Join Chip's awesome server to learn, contribute, and grow in your MLOps journey. You get to meet developers, students, researchers, authors, and much more exciting people.

To Join the server, follow this link!

Data Science

One of the most interesting and "hip" servers in my venture, "Data Science" was all about well, Data Science. They've got a very interesting initiation exercise that tests your knowledge of Data to get into "Data Science".

Fun aside, the server can be a serious and rich source for your meaningful exchanges in the field. Members have to introduce themselves in the #introduction channel to get access to the various industry-centric channels. Which came off to be a fun way to ensure knowing each other and community building.

The organized main categories make the server much like a forum. This makes them one of my top 5 in the MLOps Discord server list. The indexing feature provided by categorization is phenomenal.

With no such apparent Mods to the server, the server works totally on the shoulders of Data Science Enthusiasts! Gain your Pro Role by contributing to the community today!

To join the server, follow this link!


Remember some of the amazing python backed packages and services that I covered in the "Top 10 Python Packages for MLOps" blog?

In the same, we discussed Data Version Control (DVC). An open-sourced git-like model that provides versioning and management of Datasets and Machine Learning Models. I came across their Discord Server which is a beacon among the plethora of servers online.

DVC introduces people to the "Dev" practices involved in Data Science and Machine Learning Development. Legacy and modern developer practices around ML are some of the hot topics.

The server serves as a platform for the parent organization iterative.ai, which also hosts discussions and resource sharing for their cohorts. Milecia McGregor and Jeny De Figueiredo write the majority of the content and Jeny is also the community manager.

With insights into integrations of modern libraries and packages into your Machine Learning Pipelines, the server seemed a very attractive place for a learner like me and may resonate with you too!

To join the server, follow this link!


Various optimizations and efficiency efforts in data science will ignite a spark in you for ML. What place to learn it best other than the people who popularized ML for everyone.

Tensorflow is a free and open-source software library, devised by Google Brain in 2015 for their own AI needs. Primarily written in Python, Tensorflow is one of the two most popular Machine Learning frameworks, sharing the spot with PyTorch.

The number of people in the community tells you the vast knowledge of machine learning. From convolution-based development to generic algorithm-based development, we can find resources, conversations, and much more.

Knowledge aside, the server serves as a very good platform for you to showcase your projects. Any project ML or not, from any sphere of interest. Which also enables cross-domain collaboration.

To join the server, follow this link)!

Evidently AI

Evidently AI, is a server dedicated to discussing tools and methods related to testing, monitoring, and evaluating ML Models.

But, even though the server exists to talk about its product and services. The theme explores several practices to track and test ML models. Discussing various issues such as model quality, data drift, and target drift.

The server led by Elena Samuylova, founder at Evidently AI, and Daria Malygiuna, Community Manager at Evidently AI was very welcoming and easy to understand. With definite instructions to access the package for your own production needs, the channels also provide great content discussing best practices.

I hope the server answers some of your questions regarding different spheres of the domain and gives you a chance to guide someone else too!

To join the server, follow this link!

Everything MLOps

Now, you know my "Top 5 Discord Servers for MLOps". I would like to invite you to a community of our own. "Everything MLOps", where we aim to bring people from ML, MLOps, DevOps, Data Science, and many more.

To join the server, follow this link: Click Here!

Written By

Aryan Kargwal

Data Evangelist

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