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Welcoming Mayur Datar of Flipkart to our board of advisors

Jan 2, 2024

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As we’ve built NimbleBox.ai over the years, Anshuman, Rohan, and I have tried to surround ourselves with intelligent people - including our team members, peers in the AI ecosystem, mentors, and fellow founders. With our recent raise from Flipkart Ventures, we welcome Flipkart’s Chief Data Scientist, Mayur Datar, to our board of advisors.

Before Flipkart, Mayur was an established research scientist at Google - holding a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University. Currently leading the data science team and the machine learning platform team at Flipkart, Mayur will share his valuable expertise with the ChatNBX platform - allowing us to deploy large language models to production for enterprises.

As we grow our customer base and scale our platform’s capabilities, Mayur’s experience of being at the forefront of technological applications at scale will be of immense value as we target enterprises that serve millions of requests every second for their use cases.

This partnership between NimbleBox.ai and Mayur strengthens our commitment to becoming a capable global AI company as we collaborate with him and the team at Flipkart.

Written By

Naman Maheshwari

Co-Founder & COO

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